Around Baikal Lake

World Record Run: From Magadan to Lisbon (1st July - 7th July)
Irkutsk / Russia

After coming to Amour highway and passing through Tchita city, we came to Buryatiya. The landscapes here are quite similar to Mongolia And the driving here is a pleasure – there is not so much cars on the road. Here we met a lovely couple from Magadan who gave us so nice coffee in national cups and tasty home-maid pies. Also Amour highway is a first region after Kolyma and Yakutia, where we can have fast-food at the gas stations. After Buryatia we passed by The Baikal lake– the deepest lake in the world with fresh water – it`s like a sea. For us it was a great chance to buy here tasty strawberries on the road and hot food in the nearest café. Also on this section of our route started traffic jams, because the Transsiberian highway goes exactly around the lake. After Irkutsk we met a group of chineese “rockers” on Harley-Davidson motorbikes, who were going for a long trip from China to Europe. And at the end of day we stucked in a real traffic jam near Kansk city - the Transsiberian railroad crossing was closed, because of broken train. So we could have a lot of problems with timing, but some locals showed us an alternative detour, so we saved our good time results.

Author: Peter Bakanov