Irkutsk and the loneliness of Siberia

Scout Tour: From Lisbon to Magadan (9th - 29th June)
Irkutsk / Russia

We have now reached Irkutsk, where we directly drove to the Volkswagen dealer out here. He gave the VW Touareg a last check up - great work, thank you very much. Afterwards we went to beautiful lake Baikal the oldest an deepest freshwater lake of the world by the way. At the shore we met participants of the Endurance Rallye Association, which is currently going from Peking to Paris - great story! We then drove close to the Chinese border to Chita. It is very lonely out here.
From Chita on we are taking the newly finished Amour highway connecting Chita and Chabarowsk, to Yakutsk. It is all good, the Touareg is doing great, team is in good mood. Often there is no one out on the street but us.
Keep up with us!