A new world record project is on!

Scout Tour: From Lisbon to Magadan (9th - 29th June)
Lisbon / Portugal

Great news everyone!! We are excited to announce, that a new world record project is on! Rainer Zietlow, and his team, again including Marius Biela, and a Russian Blogger are an the road again. This time, team and Touareg want to drive the 15.200 km long stretch from Magadan, the most Eastern city in Russia, that can be reached by car, to Lisbon to the most Western city in continental Europe in beginning July 2016. They intend to cover this distance over the Eurasian continent in around 8 days. In this moment the team drives from Lisbon to the start point in Magadan. Once again Rainer Zietlow supports SOS Children Village. This time he and his team will visit a SOS Children Village close to Minsk, Belarus to hand over a donation of 10 Euro cent per each kilometre driven.

Rainer reports from the Touareg: Yesterday, we’ve spent the whole day in Lisbon, to see where we are going to arrive in July. It was a wonderful sunny day with a lot of places and persons we visited. We’ve enjoyed it very much. Right now we are making our way through the Eurasian continent to Magadan where we plan to arrive by end of June. Of course we’ll be keeping you informed with almost daily blogs and pictures. You can also check our live position on the homepage.

Keep up with us - more info is coming soon.