We set a New World Record!

World Record Run: From Magadan to Lisbon (1st July - 7th July)
Lisbon / Portugal

After great support from Kuehne + Nagel and the German Embassies at the Belarus – Poland border we reached Germany at 7 o`clock in the morning, which we crossed until 14:15. After that we crossed France in a little bit more than 9 hours to get to Spain. In Germany we filled our engine with a little off oil Lukoil Genesis VN SAE 5W-30, because there we made our the 7th oil samples checking. In France met us with warm and sunny weather, so the driving through this country was a real pleasure. At midnight we came to Spain and after 4,5 hours of night driving we entered Portugal! So our finish was quite near! Last 2,5 hours before Lisbon – it was a real challenge! Everybody was woken up and fussy during preparing for the final stop. We couldn`t imagine, that our World Record Tour will end so quickly! All these days went flew over like several hours! So we entered the Lisbon city at 05:40 am and found the nearest police office at 06.00 am, where policeman Antonio Amaro proved our record by signing and stamping our official arrival document. So after the 6 days 09 hours and 38 minutes we finished in Lisbon after we left Magadan on the 1st of July and set a New World Record on that 15.145 km long distance between the most extremal cities to reach by car on the Eurasian continent. It is unbelievable and was a great ride. One more blog is coming from our arrival in Lisbon.
Author: Peter Bakanov