SOS Children's Village in Marina Gorka

Scout Tour: From Lisbon to Magadan (9th - 29th June)
Marina Gorka / Belarus

Yesterday, we have been to the SOS Children’s village in Marina Gorka, 60km south-eastern of Minsk. We have been welcomed very warmly in the village and Dmitry guided us through the Anlag which has been founded in 2003. It is always an honour for us to be invited to one of the SOS Children villages all over the world. More than 70 children live there, who were excited about our new world record, especially the drone which Alex used for our video. In correlation with the current European Championship, we played a short football match against a SOS Children Village team which was great fun. Thank you very much SOS Children Village for the 12th partnership with Rainer Zietlow since 2005.

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