Goodbye, Russia and Hello, Europe!

World Record Run: From Magadan to Lisbon (1st July - 7th July)
Minsk / Belrus

At the morning of the 5th of July we passed through the Ural mountains and came to European part of Russia. Our way led through Ufa, Kazan, Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir. It was much worse, than the other days, because there were a lot of traffic and road reconstruction. And it was suprising, that in Moscow city, which is famous by awful traffic jams 24 hours a day, the situation on the road wasn`t so bad. Here we met again our friends from Lukoil and our camera man Alexander Pogodin, who makes beautiful drone vdeos for our tour. Also we took one probe of oil from our engine and made photos of all our team! On the way to Smolensk the road was empty and the weather in the evening was wonderful! From one side were dark clouds swith rain and from another one the sun was shining. So at the middle part we saw a big rainbow. We decided, that it would be a good omen for us! At 9 o`clock p.m. we entered to Belarus. It`s wonderful to realize that we crossed the biggest country in the world in around 5 days! Near border we met with our friends from Volkswagen Belarus, who were very generous and escorted us to border between Belarus and Poland. It was wonderful! So after 4,5 hours of driving at night we entered the European Union. The polish side gave us a fantastic welcome meeting. The customs service brought for us The Book for special border guests and asked to make a sign. So our World Record Tour becomes to be a real great event!
Author: Peter Bakanov