Back on asphalt!

World Record Run: From Magadan to Lisbon (1st July - 7th July)
Tchita / Russia

The highway between ferry and Yakutsk was difficult and time to time flooded. It`s a dirt road with big bumps. But we managed to do this and came to east side of Yakutsk at 07:00 o`clock a.m. There we met our tyre dealer Oleg Shumilov from Goodyear who made great job for us. So we changed our Wrangler AT with Kevlar tyres to Wrangler HP model. After that we started our way to Tchita on a Lena highway. After Kolyma this road sometimes is like autobahn, because it has long asphalt sections. But there are a lot of gravel sections too. Nevertheless driving became more comfortable and faster. This road is very popular for motorbike tourists. Here we met six groups from Russia and Europe. In the evening we arrived to junction with Amur highway, so from now on our route is always straight to the West.
Author: Peter Bakanov