From Siberia over the Ural

World Record Run: From Magadan to Lisbon (1st July - 7th July)
Ufa / Russia

After Krasnoyarsk the traffic became more and more intensive. The section between Omsk, Tyumen and Kurgan cities has awful roads. There is a lot of dirt, mess and repairment on the road. And also here we saw a lot of broken cars and trucks. We met one of them - the truck driver, who stucked for one week, because of broken engine. So he need to live in his truck, repair it and wait for spare parts, which other truck drivers bring him. We just gave him food and water. Then we moved to Chelyabinsk, where we were very surprised to see our fans, who were looking after our movements on a site, spoted our car and tried to reach us. So we stopped at the nearest gas station and made a photo at 2 o`clock in the morning. That was a really lovely end of the day. For me it is a very interesting experience to join this World Record Tour as a driver and journalist and I can say, that after 4 days from start there is no problem to stay in Volkswagen Touareg 24 hours without any serious problems. So now I live in a house with wheels, which is constantly moving - that`s nice!
Author: Peter Bakanov